Monday, 2 May 2011

Already May

I have been on and off with my blogging over the past few years and I thought it was a good time to start up again. Our cat Mika has other ideas though as he is rubbing back and forth across the key board and keeps slapping my hands. He is just hungry once again though. I swear I have the hungriest cats ever! This year has been busy for me as far as training and racing is concerned. I figure that I have done 6 bike races (crits, and road races), and 7 triathlons so far! I have been able to match my racing experience from one year in Hawaii in three months in Florida! Definitely a great thing about Florida.
I do about 14 workouts a week and I try to surf with Robyn and the kids about 4 or 5 times as well each week. I am never really that tired amazingly, and I can eat tons of food, which is alright with me :D
My best placings so far this year were at Wildman Triathlon festival in Orlando. I did an olympic distance tri on saturday and placed 2nd... 30 seconds back from the winner... then the next day I placed 4th in the sprint tri... once again 30 seconds back, but considering it was a back to back race, I feel like it was one of the highlights of my triathlon career. I am doing another back to back there this year and maybe two more back to backs next month for extra training.
One awesome event that took place last week is that I received sponsorship from MixOne sports nutrition!! I have been drinking it for about two years now, and a few months ago Robyn just decided to email them and ask them about possible helping me out. I drove up to Orlando and met with their rep Beth. She was really cool and positive and it was a good trip up there. SHe gave me some drinks, and a new racing suit too!!! I love the shorts, but I accidently grabbed a female top from her as I was leaving... I got home and was trying to figure out how to put it on before I realized it was a sports bra and I was not supposed to figure it out... So I need to send it back. But yeah I am excited to do my next race this Saturday in Panama City in my new gear!!!
I am racing my second 1/2 Ironman Saturday, then 7 days later I am doing another 1/2 Ironman in Orlando.  My friend John Flanagan, who is an amazing pro triathlete did it last month in Texas and Louisiana.  He gave me some advice on recovery for the week in between... I am sure I will be fine, but I am a little nervous about it.
OK sorry for writing so much, here are some pics, and I promise I will start to post more pics, since they are cooler to look at anyways.
 Troy loves this swing set, and because Melia wouldn't let him on the baby swing, he used the big boy swing!! The World Cup uniform was given to him by Alban for his 2nd birthday.
I love this Pic of Melia next to Robyn's board
I got these shoes to start the year and after my first half Ironman in February this is the aftermath... blood and guts baby!!!
Cute pic of kids walking together.
This was a crit I did this year. I placed 5th I think and made enough money from the winnings to buy some lunch and gas to get home!! It was a good race. The guy right behind me crashed rite after this lap and was brought away in an ambulance. It wasn't my fault ha ha. 
Sunset ?
This was a pic of some rocket taking off. I was able to take this from the front yard. It just happened while we were out front doing something and I had the camera. When the shuttle takes off today it should look something like this X 10

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