Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Pineapple Man Triathlon Weekend

This weekend was really fun! Robyn and the kids came down to Melbourne Beach and got to hang out with me. It was looking like the weekend would be pretty bad when I hurt my chest, and then when I showed up at the race and realized I forgot my goggles too... But the weather was perfect the winds were perfect, and I had my family there to cheer for me.
The race was really fun! I started first wave with a bunch of awesome athletes, and I tried to hand on as long as I could in the water... Probably one of my worst swims ever... I used Heather Golnick's goggles, she luckily had an extra pair and is nice enough to help me out. Speaking of which, Heather is a world class triathlete, having won many Ironmans, and its cool to meet someone like that who is willing to help out by lending goggles! I cant imagine most people doing that for a stranger.
So Swim= sucky
the ramp to get out of the water was crazy and the run to transition up the pier was craziness too. The bike was a bit tortuous. I averaged 27-28 mph going out, then slowed slightly coming back to T2. I started the bike 3 minutes back from the leader. By the end of the bike I was in 6th place. I ran my butt off averaging 5:30 out of T2. I freaked out though by my speed and slowed down thinking I would overdue it... This is my biggest problem out there... I think.
So a mile into it I had slowed down a lot to about 6:45, and that is when the overall female winner -Shriver- passed me, well she flew by me!! She just won the US Nationals a few weeks ago and is probably the fastest girl I have ever seen. I ended up passing a few more people too, and rode someones heals into the finish line unable to overtake him for 4th. I averaged 6:30 min/miles total and I know that I can get that down under 6 this year if I can stop thinking about it.
So it was a fun race and I felt really great afterwards! I got to use my MIX1 jersey for the first time too which I actually really liked.
I love having Robyn there for races though, she makes them fun because she yells so loud for me and gets me pumped to go harder! Melia however is only happy if I win. Second place will not do for her, and I am proud of her for having such a competitive mindset at 4 years old! She will be an awesome fierce competitor one day soon!

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