Wednesday, 20 July 2011


Since Pineapple man I have done a ton of racing, training, eating, nothing, and soon to be moving..

Races done include...
Dads day Tri in Sebastian Inlet --- 2nd overall
Clermont sprint series #2 and 3... 3rd overall, and 1st Elite (4th overall)
Daytona Rice and rose Sprint 1... 2nd overall (doing the second one this saturday)
Crystal River Sprints 1 and 2... 1st AG 7th OA, and 6th AG 11th OA
Moss Park Sprint Tri... 3rd overall
Moss Park Olympic Tri...2nd AG
So 8 races in 7 weeks and I have been placing pretty high. I feel great and only lately have I been feeling like I am getting faster on my run, but maybe i am getting tougher and can handle more pain. I dont know what is up but I like it. Robyn has kicked some major butt with 2 Overall wins and some 2nds and thirds in there too. She has really improved a ton this year going from 4 or 5 triathlons in her life, to doing the last 8 races with me, and I think 9 or 10 overall this summer! She is fun to race with and pushes me alot... especially now that she has run faster than me in two races!
Just a note... During the first Daytona race I forgot my bike shoes and still had the 2nd fastest bike split... lost the overall race by 1 minute. I am doing it again this weekend and the same guys are going to be back... I want to win SO BAD!!!!! I get so pumped just thinking about it... Its my last race on the east coast, and Saturday after the race we are leaving our house and heading back to Hawaii!!! I can't wait to get out of here.
Hawaii will be much different in that the top 20 guys are all good enough to be pro's and it will be hard to place high at first. I think I can improve much more though so all is good there. Robyn is like 15 years younger than most the good women, so she has lots of time to dominate !
We got our new house over there, its in Ewa Beach again, almost a block from our last three homes there. I am really stoked to get back!
Here is a pic of Moss Park Sprint Tri on my bike... My form looks terrible ... :(

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