Thursday, 15 December 2011

December Update

Between Bike and Run is the best time to update your blog... I just finished a slow slow slow hour and a half ride. I guess slow riding in your endurance zone is good for something... at least I have faith that it does. I feel like I have lost so much speed, but I know its good to have some down time each year.
I have done a few big things in the last few months regarding sport and I thought it was a good time to talk about them. I have started to coach and I am working on my ITCA certification. Its so much better than USAtriathlon certification because Its a legit course and its very very difficult. I have been studying anatomy and physiology equal to my pre-nursing level courses. I love this stuff though so its been pretty easy for me. I guess going to med school for a little while has helped me in a lot of ways. I can study hard now, retain information better, and I have learned a ton about anatomy and physiology that has helped me with the triathlon cert as well as the nursing.
WHich reminds me I have applied to the U of Hawaii masters entry nursing program which will start next fall... I will hear from them in January wether or not they will interview me for the program. It is a very competitive one and I am very nervous...
So the second big thing is that I have also hired a coach to help me out. My wife Robyn has as well. I would love to coach myself and her, but I would rather not for lots of reasons. Plus I can use our coaches as teachers to guide me in my own coaching business. My coach is Matthew Seymour and so far I have been training with him for 6 weeks. I have been doing an offseason type base training regime with weight training and lots of slow workouts.
I have been in talks with MIX1 trying to renew my sponsorship for the 2012 season and I have my fingers crossed that they will want to continue to support me. I would have to work with someone in California though but it would be well worth it. I love their drinks.
I have also gotten another sponsor for the 2012 season... Trinity sports wear... 
I will be adding their address to my links soon too. They will be giving Robyn and I clothing to race in this year... I saw a few people in Florida with it and that is were I met the owner of the company at the Pineapple man triathlon... I am very excited about it.
Well I am off to run now... I need to do a quick 50 minute session then its back home and later I will blog again about my new diet... Its a huge change up for me and Robyn -- VEGAN!!!

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