Sunday, 18 December 2011

Nervous for tomorrow

Sunday December 18th is the first cyclocross race I have done since 2009 when I won 4/4 races. I am nervous to race because I have no idea what kind of shape I will be in, how good everyone else is, what the course is like, etc etc. I really want to win this because I love this sport. My experience is very small at it, but I really enjoy it a lot.
I will take pics and all that so the next entry will be more interesting, but just wanted to say that I am nervous...
I was supposed to run for like 1:20 today and I ended up doing nothing until a 20 minute spin on the rollers just now (midnight).
On a different note... I have been eating vegan for three full days now. Day one I had bison for dinner so that wasn't great, but since then I have been eating all vegan. Not just wimpy vegan either, I am going all out for the raw foods, vegan. So far I feel really good and healthy, I have slept so good too. I feel a lot of stress just disappearing too.
I better get to bed before the sun comes up...

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