Monday, 19 December 2011

X Mas X cyclocross

I raced yesterday. It was a great one down at Sand Island. A 1.5 mile course with grass, single track, mud and sand. My favorite part was the single track hills, and the wooden ramp. My least favorite was trudging through the sand and riding around all the Keawe trees worried about flatting.
It was a 45 minute race, each lap averaged about 6.5 minutes for me. The first lap had a prime sprint and I won it! 20 dollars in the pocket... I went 100% for as long as I could manage, but just before the first lap was over I got passed, actually cut off by a guy and I went straight into a tree. By the time I got back on my bike I was passed  by another. I lost the lead and maintained 3rd. I won a nice bag of coffee beans.
I was bummed that I didnt win, but I was not in shape and the two guys that passed me are always riding upwards of 20 hours a week ( I average 0). So I felt good about my performance considering I havent really trained for it.
I bunny hopped every barrier, and I rode through all the sand. I only dismounted once and it was for about half a mile so I could carry my bike through the single track as I had a flat tire. I rode a mile on it flat before I got to switch out bikes.
I love this sport, Cyclocross and triathlon are my two favorites. I think they have a lot of crossover benefits too.
Today I did my long ride (2:15) with a 30 minute run afterwards. It was a good workout and although I cut my ride short I was a little tired and out of energy as I have yet to dial this new workout in. I haven't eaten any meat or animal product for a week now except for some whey protein and Casein protein powder ( I am trying to use it up so I dont just throw it all away). I have been drinking lots of Hemp milk, and hemp protein... Its really good! I love it actually, so much better than almond or soy milk.
I hope being a Vegan makes me lighter and faster this year. I will keep you updated...
Here is a bunch of pics from the last race (yesterday) and other tri's this year... and a few of the kids.

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