Sunday, 29 May 2011

Crystal River Triathlon

Robyn and I traveled to Crystal River this weekend to race in the sprint triathlon series' first race. We had so much fun last week up in J'ville and Robyn got hooked on racing again after 3 years of not triathlon training... Last week we did the Never Quit Run/Swim/Paddle triathlon and we both took first for our age groups, and both 5th overall... So we drove west to the Gulf to do it all again.
Friday night we drove up to the Quality inn and being dark in the middle of Florida can give a bad impression of the lots of bikers at the gas station talking about shooting people and bar fights... But when we woke up and drove down to the race it was actually pretty nice down there. The race went well and Robyn not only won her age group, she won the pushup contest at the awards stage afterwards too! I felt good considering my lack of riding lately... I haven't ridden my bike in about 6 weeks except for the crash in panama city, the orlando 70.3, and a 30 minute spin. I had the fastest bike split of the race averaging about 25.5mph. The best part though was not our dual first place trophies, it was just having an awesome time with Robyn and watching her have so much fun racing again... by the way she must have run the last half mile at 5:30 at least, she was flying there for the last 800m passing a ton of men and making everyone look like they were standing still.
Other good news is that my hip stopped hurting for the first time in about 12 weeks. I am very excited to start training hard again.
This weekend is the Pineapple man Triathlon here in Melbourne Beach, so I have a few good days to train untill I have to race. I wish Robyn could do this one with me too, but registration is full...
I also have some pics, but waiting for Robyn to email them to me from her phone... :D

Other news for me, I got accepted to Medical school !

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Florida 70.3

This weekend I drove up to Orlando for the half Ironman at Disneys Camp wilderness. I just have to say that it was hell trying to manuver around Disney... in the rain. I have never been up there and I didnt know what to expect. I have done Ironman 70.3 Hawaii many times and I guess I expected it to be just like that one. When I got to the registration area, the security told me that I had to drive to some other parking lot and take the shuttle back over. I tried to find that parking lot for a good 30 minutes and ended up going back to the security guard and telling him I had some products to drop off for a vendor at the expo. Yes I lied. He let me in the first gate. So once I got in there I parked and got on my bike and started to get poured on! I was drenched and I couldnt find anything in the campground. No signs, no volunteers, no help, no fun. I rode back to the car and got in and started to drive to the expo. The next group of security turned me around and made me park again, however they told me where to go. This time I found the area I needed to be.
I walked in and the first thing I noticed was the huge transition area!! I walked past it and immediately looked for the Mix1 tent. I was supposed to pick up a jersey to race in, but I guess that bad weather had blown a bunch of tents down and they had all taken off. So I at least knew that I would be racing in my old gear that had gotten torn up the weekend before racing in that Panama City Half Ironman.  It was fine with me as long as nobody cared that half my butt would be hanging out of the tear...
So I registered, almost pee'd myself, then checked in my bike. I am sorry for complaining so much about this race but I have so much to complain about! The parking was a nightmare... I like to park close to the start and bring my big tupperware box of crap down and make sure I have everything ready to go. This race forced me to bring essentials only. I like to sleep in the truck at the start line so when I wake up I am ready to go... that lets me sleep longer and I dont have to freak out about anything in the morning.
So back to the story, I checked my bike in and it was the great first come first serve bike racks... I got a terrible spot, and that zone must have been half a mile long, in the grass, dirt, gravel and asphault. I left and got a room at the holiday inn, drank mix 1 drinks and watched cartoons till around midnight before I fell asleep in my compression pants.
The morning came too soon, and at 4:30 I took off to find parking. Lightning hit the pole next to the truck and I knew it would be a rough day.
I made it to the start and set up my shoes/water/food etc. They closed the zone down at like 6 then I had to wait in the sand at the lakes edge until 7:40 when I started.
I swam off course, lost about 8 minutes
I rode great, had sore hip and lost power, sore knee, dropped all gu's lost about 10 minutes
Ran slow, sore tired legs from injury, dehydration, heat, hungry... ha ha ha I loved it though
So all in all I was proud of myself to starting this race, and then enduring the stuff in the middle and it was nice to finish it. I ran my last mile strong, 6:45. So I felt a bit of good before I wanted to just get my stuff and get home for a surf. It took me an hour to get back to the car.
So my goal for this race was realistic... and I had bet Robyn that I would be top ten bike, and top three age group.
I rode faster than all the women at least, and finished 150th-ish out of 2000 top ten %
I was 30 minutes slower than my goal, but I think I peaked last week at Panama City and with the crash I kind of lost it.
SO... I don't want to race in another Ironman Sponsored event ever... they seem very much concerned with making money and not with race quality. I don't like that. Smaller races=fun and that is what I am in this for. 
I am back at square one now getting ready for some fun races... This weekend I race with Robyn in Jacksonville Run/Swim/Paddle... winner gets oakley's and I want some new glasses bad!!! Then its Pineapple man rite here. I want to place top three there and I really want to beat a few individuals that I wont name... he he he
I will take better pics this weekend...
Aloha to all

Saturday, 7 May 2011

The other hand is the same as is my shoulder.
I am just sitting in food tent post race typing with one finger. All my other digits were sanded down with my knee today. I crashed into a rogue cone at mile 20 of the bike. Covered in blood and in pain I finished the bike in 2:20 (I am not counting the time hugging the asphalt). So I even with the crash, I dropped 8 minutes off my swim and bike. I determined I would have finished in 4:20 had I not crashed. Oh well this forces me to wait till next week to go hard and win. I am going to start my drive home soon (7.5 hours) with a little stop at the pajama city bay hospital for some rash supplies.

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Monday, 2 May 2011

Already May

I have been on and off with my blogging over the past few years and I thought it was a good time to start up again. Our cat Mika has other ideas though as he is rubbing back and forth across the key board and keeps slapping my hands. He is just hungry once again though. I swear I have the hungriest cats ever! This year has been busy for me as far as training and racing is concerned. I figure that I have done 6 bike races (crits, and road races), and 7 triathlons so far! I have been able to match my racing experience from one year in Hawaii in three months in Florida! Definitely a great thing about Florida.
I do about 14 workouts a week and I try to surf with Robyn and the kids about 4 or 5 times as well each week. I am never really that tired amazingly, and I can eat tons of food, which is alright with me :D
My best placings so far this year were at Wildman Triathlon festival in Orlando. I did an olympic distance tri on saturday and placed 2nd... 30 seconds back from the winner... then the next day I placed 4th in the sprint tri... once again 30 seconds back, but considering it was a back to back race, I feel like it was one of the highlights of my triathlon career. I am doing another back to back there this year and maybe two more back to backs next month for extra training.
One awesome event that took place last week is that I received sponsorship from MixOne sports nutrition!! I have been drinking it for about two years now, and a few months ago Robyn just decided to email them and ask them about possible helping me out. I drove up to Orlando and met with their rep Beth. She was really cool and positive and it was a good trip up there. SHe gave me some drinks, and a new racing suit too!!! I love the shorts, but I accidently grabbed a female top from her as I was leaving... I got home and was trying to figure out how to put it on before I realized it was a sports bra and I was not supposed to figure it out... So I need to send it back. But yeah I am excited to do my next race this Saturday in Panama City in my new gear!!!
I am racing my second 1/2 Ironman Saturday, then 7 days later I am doing another 1/2 Ironman in Orlando.  My friend John Flanagan, who is an amazing pro triathlete did it last month in Texas and Louisiana.  He gave me some advice on recovery for the week in between... I am sure I will be fine, but I am a little nervous about it.
OK sorry for writing so much, here are some pics, and I promise I will start to post more pics, since they are cooler to look at anyways.
 Troy loves this swing set, and because Melia wouldn't let him on the baby swing, he used the big boy swing!! The World Cup uniform was given to him by Alban for his 2nd birthday.
I love this Pic of Melia next to Robyn's board
I got these shoes to start the year and after my first half Ironman in February this is the aftermath... blood and guts baby!!!
Cute pic of kids walking together.
This was a crit I did this year. I placed 5th I think and made enough money from the winnings to buy some lunch and gas to get home!! It was a good race. The guy right behind me crashed rite after this lap and was brought away in an ambulance. It wasn't my fault ha ha. 
Sunset ?
This was a pic of some rocket taking off. I was able to take this from the front yard. It just happened while we were out front doing something and I had the camera. When the shuttle takes off today it should look something like this X 10