Monday, 5 September 2011

Dick Evans Memorial Race 2011

Competed in DEM today which is the annual race around Oahu. 112 miles and very difficult. The best riders from all over the islands compete. Today was very hot and sunny, so naturally I had problems. But at mile 40 I attacked and took the lead from Dole Plantation for the next 6 miles almost to sunset beach. Then again up past sunset for about 3 more miles. I got caught out in the wind alone, so i slowed and allowed the pack to catch up. At mile 75 I had the worst case of cramping I have ever experienced and I had to slow down and let the lead pack go. I rode solo after that fighting cramping, dehydration and mental retardation. I remember fighting to just keep my eyes from crossing, and being able to stay on the road. My finish time was 5:33.
At the finish line I sat under a tent and tried to drink water, but started to feel funny. I began to breath very fast and my muscles started to twitch. I was unable to think straight and even answer anyones questions which were very simple... like what year it was and how old I was. before long Blake Marr was sitting next to me taking my vitals and the next thing I remember was the paramedics giving me oxygen and telling me to be strong while we waited for the ambulance. I was blacking out at this point and I was lifted into the ambulance by the paramedics. I dont remember much else until I was in the ER getting fluids and screaming in pain as my legs and feet cramped. My arms had almost no sensation in them and I had to pee worse than ever before. The pain was so bad they actually checked my bladder with an ultrasound. I finally was able to pee with a nurses help and out came 1.5 liters!!! I was not dehydrated... Came to find out later when I came too that I had been K+ deficient. So after three IV's and a fourth sack of Potass, I was released.
I had no clothes, or shoes, and apparently the only person that called Robyn, didnt even know what was wrong and she thought I was just a wimp. So I left the hospital barefoot, in a pair of jams shorts which are straight from '85 and walked 20 blocks in the sun to bikefactory where my truck was parked.
I am glad to be home now and I want to sleep now...
FYI, Robyn PR'd today in the half marathon distance with a 1:33. She is so freaking fast now!!! Way to go baby!!

Here are some of Colin Cross's photos of me riding in DEM...