Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Ko Olina Triathlon

This weekend Robyn and i did the Ko Olina Triathlon here in West Oahu. The race went well, beautifull day, and of course we love Ko Olina!
I ended up taking 3rd overall, and Robyn took 2nd overall Female division. SHe bonked and ran 2 minutes slower than her PR, and the girl that beat her beat her by 1.5 minutes... She is pretty upset about it, but things like that happen and I am proud of her for working hard and pushing through it all to get 2nd.
The timers sucked... they got everything screwed up and nobody got any awards! but I guess its ok becuase the awards were like blank CD cases ha ha.
I feel out of shape and my cycling is suffering big time but hopefully I can pull it back up in the next two weeks.
I keep feeling a desire to race Honu again next year and as its a race I have never done well at an I have always had problems there. I want to master it !! I was looking over results from this year and my splits etc. and found that I was on track to race a 4:23 at the gulf coast tri before I crashed my bike and assuming that I could have averaged the same running pace i had been training at. That time would have gotten me a top 3 placing. Oh well its all just potential and none of it is actuality, but it would still be nice to get down in the sub 4:30's for a half next year.
I want to dominate the sprints next year and my goals are as follows for sprint distance paces:
Swim 100's under 1:30
Bike averages over 25.5 for all races and peak race at over 26mph
Run pace under 6:10 for all races and reach a PR at 5:45
For all bike Time Trials I will avg over 26 on all flat courses
I want to win a race in dramatic fashion and also win one in a blowout
I have basically until august of 2012 to race my heart out before my school gets really intense so I will work hard...
I got a job as a taxi driver so I am currently working on getting my licence do drive one this month
and I shaved my head... pics to come