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Friday, 11 November 2011

2012 calendar and Goals

Calendar Race 2012

Feb 20         Makaha         TT                   C
March 4       Haleiwa     Tri     Sprint        C
March 5       Castle        TT                       B
March 19     Mokuleia    TT                      B
March 25     Waterfront     Tri sprint          C
April 2         Lavaman    Tri Olympic     A     Big Island
April 8         Kauai I        Sprint                 C
April 16       Tantalus     TT                       C
April 22       Lanikai         Tri Sprint          C
April 30       Maui         Stage Race           C  
May 20        Honolulu    Tri Sprint            B
June 2          Honu        70.3                     A     (Goal of 4:20) Big Island
June 10        Maui        Olympic                B    Maui
June 25        Ford Island    Crit                  C
July 1           Firecracker    Sprint              C
July 9           Xterra Fre    Olympic           C 
July 16         Olomana     RR                     C    Organizer/Director
July 22         Tinman        Olympic            A     (TOP 3, Season PR's)
August 6      Pineapple     RR                    C
August 12    Sea to Stars    RR                  C    
August 19    Xterra        Sprint                  B     (Goal to qualify for Maui)
Sep 2            DEMRR        RR                  B
TBD             Kahala         Paddle              C       (2 races?)
TBD             Kauai II        Sprint              C
TBD            Lanai        Sprint                   C
TBD            Maui         Xterra                   B
TBD            Kona            Ironman         A
TBD            Ko Olina        Sprint              C
TBD            RUnning Races                    3-5?
Total         33+              Races

My biggest goals are Honu Triathlon. I have a few goals for this race, and lots of short term ones leading up to it... The first is to finish in the top 5 Hawaii state finishers. The second is to win my age group. Time Goals are as follows:
Swim: <30:00
BIke   <2:20:00
Run    <1:30:00
Total   <4:20:00
I have essentially met one of these goals twice this year with two sub 2:20 bikes. My closest swim was 36, and my fastest run was 1:43. I will need to improve my swimming, and my nutrition in the heat. I dehydrated on my run and was on pace for a 1:30 untill I started to dehydrate and cramp.